About Your Weight Can’t Wait

In partnership, Novo Nordisk and the Singapore Association for the Study of Obesity, are pleased to provide you with further information about obesity – the causes, consequences and how we can help you to find a plan in Singapore that’s right for you and your body – because Your Weight Can’t Wait. 

Action on obesity is more urgent now than ever, particularly with the increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 in people with overweight and obesity.1 Together, we aim to help increase knowledge and drive people with obesity to urgently seek more information on obesity and management options while also addressing the stigma surrounding obesity that can be inherent in society. We are proud to be working in partnership to help improve the lives of people living with obesity in Singapore.


1. Simonnet A, et al. High prevalence of obesity in severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) requiring invasive mechanical ventilation. Obesity. 2020. doi:10.1002/ oby.22831.