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World Obesity Day

On World Obesity Day, held on March 4, organisations from across the globe come together to raise awareness about obesity and improve understanding of its root causes and actions needed to address them. These campaigns are aimed at inspiring global change in policy making, attitudes and action around obesity.

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Obesity and COVID 19

Obesity may increase your risk for severe illness from COVID-19.

Recent studies have highlighted that people with obesity are at higher risk of developing more severe disease and complications from COVID-19.1 Obesity is already known to be associated with other health complications which can increase health risks or risk of severe COVID symptoms. In particular, the presence of obesity increases the risk of severe illness approximately threefold with a consequently longer hospital stay.2

Talk to your doctor about managing your weight and maintain your weight loss in the long run.

For more information on obesity as a key risk factor for COVID-19, click here.


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